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Since 2004



Eco Diplomatic Fiduciary Courier Services was established in the year of 2007 and headquartered in the USA. We are committed to providing personal attention to our client’s needs. Our journey in the space of years has truly been a spectacular one by any standards. In this short years, “ Eco Diplomatic Fiduciary” became an important and highly visible player in the emerging courier service document and parcel transportation.

We maintain a regional perspective and give our customer a true exposure to the rapidly growing courier service industry. Our diversified and experienced team of management and staff are the core of our success. ‘Eco Diplomatic Fiduciary’ is a company from the region,by the region , by the region and for the region.




Our vision remains as a regional private sector courier service company playing an active role in developing our customer business in particular and the economy of the region as a whole.




We commit ourselves to ensure customer satisfaction and to faster loyalty & trust by delivering innovative and sophisticated products & Services. We will also ensure that the statutory and regulatory requirements are consistently met at all times.




We value our independence and private sector approach they give us flexibility to rapidly capitalize on opportunities in the region and define our competitive edge.




We strategies to be an organisation which listens to the customers , identifies their needs, deliver solutions and continuously improves on its processes, products and services, encouraging initiative of every employee by recognizing talent and rewarding achievement. We endeavor to realize our objective pragmatically by ensuring the continual and progressive improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system through consistent and intelligent application of principles and standards. We guarantee quality and personalized services to all clients irrespective of their size and nature of business.




We are catering to a large customer base scattered in diversified industry segments of service, manufacturing and trading.

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